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The fewer joint affected type of arthritis (oligoarticular) is characterised by having four or fewer joints affected, with the larger joints more typically affected such as the knees and ankles. These children usually appear well even though they may limp on walking. If only one hip seems affected this is very unusual for this type of arthritis and a different condition such as Perthes disease should be suspected. If the joints, such as the knees, are affected over a long period then the large extensor muscles of the thighs can weaken and waste, with tight hamstrings leading the flexion contractures of the knees. If the legs are affected asymmetrically then the length of the legs can develop a discrepancy.

Those who are afflicted by chronic pain often feel that they must take prescription drugs just to make it through the day. Medications can certainly provide temporary relief, but they serve only to block the pain while the real issue goes ignored. However, chiropractic treatment can treat the problem that is actually causing the pain while providing drug-free pain alleviation for many conditions.

There is a lot of fear surrounding Chiropractic care. Residents of the United Kingdom who have not tried Chiropractic care are usually frightened that the treatments are long and very painful. The good news is that Chiropractic care is rarely painful. The length of the treatments depends on your injury and illness and the best way to treat them.

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