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Starchy vegetables are dangerous to your health when you have diabetes. Potatoes for instance tend to break down into sugar more rapidly than you body needs your food to. That becomes a problem because you could instantly begin to react adversely to it. Note even though you have diabetes you still can aim for that […]

A lot of people dread a diabetes diet because of the ‘no-sugar’ clause. Please do not be mistaken, it does not mean that the meal is tasteless. Just start trying it and you will see. Also, most people think that gyms, working out, that abs machine as seen on tv etc does not apply to […]

There are a lot of foods in the world that fall well into the category of ‘safe’ for your diabetes; you only need to find them. You don’t even have to travel to the ends of the world; right here in the United States, you can find such variety it would blow your mind. Just […]

Don’t be too shy to ask the doctor about how far you may stretch your diet program on the diabetes front. Sure they know that you will have a rough time adjusting, but they are also believing that you want to stay alive badly enough to give it what it takes. There are lots of […]

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