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What is Chakra

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27 Feb 2010

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Trying to improve your memory when you have no time? These days so many of us are rushed off our feet trying to get all the things we need to do in a day out of the way, that we suffer from information overload, which can really affect our memories, ability to recall and concentration.

Since its inception, yoga has been an awesome method of achieving a spiritual experience and exercise the mind and body. It is also known to be an excellent way of achieving good physical health. Unknown to many, though, is the fact that one can eliminate eye strain and fatigue and improve vision by the use of regular eye yoga exercises.

To understand chakra balance, you must first grasp the general concept of chakras. Chakras are the opening within the human body that permits vital life force energy to flow in and out of the human aura, they are the bodies energy centers.

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