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23 Feb 2013

Do you suffer from asthma and wish that you knew much more about the disease? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one feeling this way. There are a lot of people who want to expand their knowledge when it comes to asthma, yet they aren’t sure where they can obtain this kind of information. The things that you will read about asthma in this article might be a surprise for you.

TIP! Take the time to understand the proper usage of your asthma medication, particularly any that is labelled as rescue medication. Asthma is a condition traditionally treated with a combination of a regular medicine and an emergency medicinal inhaler.

During a mild to moderate attack, force all of the air out of your lungs. Breathe out aggressively, as hard as you can. Forcefully push the air out from your lungs. Inhale in three short breaths and one fourth deeper breath so that your lungs are comfortably full of air, then exhale forcefully again. Doing this means breathing in a conscious rhythm that makes you mindful of your breathing. It also expels air from your lungs so more can enter. This may cause you to cough or it may cause phlegm, but your breathing will be back to normal again.

TIP! You need to make sure that you do not smoke and that you stay away from a lot of fumes and vapors if you suffer from asthma. That means you have to avoid all tobacco, and seriously consider think about what jobs you take; for example, factories are probably not a healthy place for you because of all the vapors and smoke.

It is imperative that you do your best to avoid cleaning chemicals if you are asthmatic. Cleaning products contain a plethora of chemicals that are triggers to exacerbating symptoms related to asthma, as well as the attacks themselves. It is advisable to consider using products that have an organic base when cleaning.

TIP! When you are traveling, make sure you have a rescue inhaler with you. Traveling can put additional strain on your body, making you more susceptible to asthma triggers.

Being around animals should be avoided. While asthma can be triggered from an animal hair allergy, those free of these allergies can have an attack by the pollen and dust that the animals carry.

TIP! When you have asthma, it is very important to have regular check-ups with your doctor. Your doctor should be recording your current state as a benchmark, and making necessary changes to improve your situation if needed.

It is vital to have a rescue inhaler if you suffer from asthma, and it should be with you and available at all times. These inhalers provide immediate relief from symptoms that can suddenly appear. Because of this, it is important you have one on you everywhere you go. Handy places to keep one include a purse, briefcase, gym bag, lunch box, glove compartment or work desk.

Asthma Attacks

TIP! Do not smoke! Most people know that smoking is unhealthy, but the consequences are even worse for someone who has asthma. Smoke irritates the lungs of an asthma sufferer, so avoid the presence of people who smoke if you have asthma.

Keep track of how often allergies trigger asthma attacks. If you experience two or more asthma attacks a week after taking allergy medicine, switch to a different allergy medication. That many attacks in a week can be dangerous, and does not even need to happen according to medical professionals.

TIP! Do not participate in strenuous physical exercise if you have asthma unless your doctor specifies otherwise. You may regret it if you make the choice to take on the physical activity without proper supervision.

In wrapping up, asthma sufferers often are interested in learning more about this medical condition that they deal with everyday. This article’s purpose was to provide you with the necessary information you can use in order to ease any stress that is associated with asthma. Apply these guidelines to your everyday life, and you will see that having asthma isn’t so bad.

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