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23 Dec 2012

A DMX-512, USB-powered lighting operator that connects numerous user interfaces and is packed with functional components such as a mini CACOPHONY port for external causing.

The chauvet xpress 512 is a DMX-512, USB-powered illumination operator that connects a number of user interfaces for more illumination possibilities. Either playback around ten lights programs without a computer (with performance control and layering) or play unlimited programs with a Windows or Mac running software. The Chauvet Xpress 512 Plus light operator features a mini HULLABALOO port for outside causing, an infrared sensing unit for cordless setting causing, a hookup on the rear of the USB interface/controller for infrared expansion, inbuilt electric isolation for the DMX line, and selectable power alternatives for making use of either USB or AC/DC power. Chauvet Xpress 512 Plus is small sufficient to fit in an edge backpack wallet and light in weight enough that you’ll overlook it ares there.

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