Full Circle Lazy Susan

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3 Jan 2013

Our pantry cooking area style began when my spouse ultimately obtained disturbed with the problem of trying to reach and locate items in the back of our cooking area storage kitchen, and so did I.

It had 5 shelves from ceiling to flooring and was so deep. You could possibly store a great deal of stuff in there, yet you couldn’t reach over fifty percent of it with out taking a lot of things off of the shelves.

We checked whatsoever the neighborhood equipment outlets and were not satisfied with all the wasted rooms they left in the cabinet, so we chose to do a kitchen do it yourself task. I conversed with my child and wife regarding a 6 rack Lazy Susan cupboard closet style with equivalent back racks that used all the space and lost extremely bit.

The kitchen storage cabinet is 76 inches higher, 23″ deep, 27″ wide at the back and 41″ vast at the front. The kitchen is large and may hold a whole lot of storage products.

We required to make the Lazy Susan big to ensure that we can get to into the rear of the kitchen. We determined to make the full circle lazy susan rack a half semi circle with the pivot point at the front of the pantry doorway.

We had to find the facility of cupboard entrance and still clear the kitchen door as the Lazy Susan rotated. After we discovered this point we placed a 5/8 inch cushion block birthing to the leading inside of the pantry doorway. We draped a plum bob from the center of this bearing above the front facility of the kitchen doorway to the factor marked on the floor.

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