Diabetes: How You Can Stay Healthy Longer

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21 Dec 2012
TIP! You are not at fault if you acquire gestational diabetes. Pregnancy often causes gestational diabetes, and there is really not much you can do to prevent it if you are susceptible to it.

Many people seem to think that they cannot have a normal life anymore when they’re diagnosed with diabetes. The following article offers tips for managing the symptoms of diabetes, while still being able to function as normally as possible through your lifetime. Incorporating these tips into your daily routine is something that no one else can do for you.

TIP! You need to remind yourself that managing diabetes is the best thing you can do. Figure out what it is in your life that’s important to you.

Educate yourself about ketoacidosis. This condition is increased acid in the bloodstream and occurs because of blood sugars that are incredibly high. This can produce ketones (an acidic byproduct) that will raise blood acid levels. It is extremely dangerous and can cause a coma. There are many symptoms, like thirst, odd breath, and even confusion. You can take insulin and improve your hydration to treat these symptoms. For prevention of ketoacidosis, keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels, take your prescribed dosage of insulin and know the symptoms of this condition.

Sugar Levels

TIP! Keep your meal schedule consistent. When you skip or delay your meals as a diabetic, you can cause your blood sugar levels to veer wildly out of control.

Your sugar levels might spike if you have just treated a low glucose level. This happens because your body is releasing hormones to tell your body to use more sugar than necessary. When this happens, you may want to reduce the food and liquids by about 50 percent and see how if affects your blood sugar levels within half an hour.

TIP! Horror stories abound with the grandparent who lost their leg or the sibling whose eyesight was lost due to diabetes. These are uncommon, worst case scenarios that are unlikely to happen to you.

Keep in mind that even though gestational diabetes may go away after childbirth, you should still check your blood sugar regularly for any abnormalities. Gestational diabetes can lead to more permanent conditions, which means consulting your doctor after birth is extremely important.


If you are afflicted with diabetic eye disease, then monitoring and controlling your blood sugar is really critical. Controlling blood glucose is one of the best ways to protect your eyes. Proper blood sugar management can keep your eyes from suffering.

TIP! Find healthy ways to indulge if you have diabetes. You probably need not shun sweets entirely.

The tips above should have given you a good idea of the little things you can do to manage your Diabetes and have a fulfilled life. There is no reason for you to live less of a life than you want to live. You are the only person who can control the type of life you have whether you have diabetes or not.

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