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28 Jun 2012

Bathroom fittings designs have advanced significantly. In the elaborate Victorian to some much simple yet sophisticated contemporary look. Simple to say, through the years, we view bathroom fittings design developed by advances and bounds. However in spite all the new changes, there’s one sort of bathroom vanity design that continued to be popular and it has survived over time: the country bathroom vanity.

Generally used as bathroom fittings for log cabin rentals and county houses, rustic vanity offer unique elegance and tranquil charm towards the whole bathroom area. They are available in variations and design, which may be used to any kind of bathroom design, whether it is antique or contemporary.

Selecting the best rustic vanity for your house is important because it can serve as the focus of the bathroom. Choose one based on the kind of wood that’s compatible towards the bathroom theme, the look and decoration from the piece, size, the counter top and sink, finish, and cost.

You will find certain kinds of wood that may truly capture the country look of toilet vanities. Such are mahogany, cherry, and oak. When covered correctly with wood sealant, these kinds of wood may last for a really very long time.

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