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23 Jul 2012

Watch bracelets are usually offered large so links can be taken off to suit any wrist. Most bracelet links are universal and is removed in your own home easily staying away from a visit to the jewelry salesman or if you want to make changes later. Follow this straightforward guide to change your watch bracelet with the addition of or getting rid of links:

* Determine whether you bracelet links are screwed in or use spring hooks. Look within the bracelet for small arrows on each link meaning the hyperlinks have spring hooks. The follow steps are for that hooks links, other steps are essential for that screw version including possessing a jewelry retailers or eyeglass repair package.

* Consider the arrows around the links because they points within the direction the hooks can be taken off or pressed out. Align the exit hole from the watch bracelet link within the opening from the pliers so no damage is going to be done because the spring pins is pressed out.

* The pin is sticking out in the link and is drawn by helping cover their another set of pliers.

* Repeat the steps to get rid of links in the watch bracelet until it’s the right size.

* Re-assemble the timepiece bracelet similar to you required it apart, however you’ll be placing the pin back with the bottom from the arrow direction and slightly pressing it back to place.

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