The Love of Tulips

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27 May 2012

The term flower possess some divine energy inside it that simply mentioning the term flower you are feeling fresh along with a smile seems in your face with momentary heavenly pleasure. Flowers are among the best masterpieces of God so when it involves Tulip this means best one of the better masterpieces. Tulip is thought to become the flower of ‘Pride and love’. It’s the National flower of Poultry and Iran and it is a bulbous plant from tulipa genus and Lilaceae family. In Ottoman Empire of Poultry the flower was adopted in Turban and also ProFlowers tulips has traveled in various languages from word Turban to tulbend, tulipan and lastly Tulip its present title.

Kinds of Tulip glasses:

You will find around 109 species readily available for Tulip with size from 4 inch to 28 inches are available in most color, pattern and dimensions. Ideas can discuss the main 16 divisions of Tulip flowers namely Single early, Double early, Triumph, Darwin hybrid, Single late, Lily flowered, Fringed (Crispa), Viriflora, Rembrandt, Parrot, Double late, Kaufmanniana, Fosteriana or Emperor, Griegii, Botanical species and Multi flowering.

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