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5 May 2012

Today I will discuss fixing your Aquarite salt cell (particularly the T Cell 15). To begin with, knowing your salt cell is dead and must be changed, the very best cost on the web is from Amazon . com. They’ve the very best cost, best shipping options, and also the best return guarantee if something wrong happens. That being stated, what I will discuss here in the following paragraphs will extend the existence of the T Cell 15 well beyond what most pool proprietors are experiencing. By preforming a little bit of preventative maintenance, you will lay aside yourself lots of money and aggravation over time. Let us get began…

The key to keeping your ecomatic salt cell running hassle free and also at maximum efficiency would be to clean the cell every couple of several weeks. For the way hard your water is, you might get away with washing the cell rather less frequently, however i would always make certain you clean the salt cell believe it or not than three occasions each year – about once every four several weeks. On the other hand, for those who have harder water, you may want to clean the cell more frequently. For instance, I’ve very calcium in the water my home and want to wash my T-Cell 15 about every two several weeks. Don’t be concerned about purchasing an costly test package to check your water hardness. You need to simply keep close track of just how much calcium will get developed every time you clean your cell. My recommendation is to begin with a 3 month schedule and adjust when needed.

The initial step would be to take away the cell out of your pool equipment. By causing sure your pool devices are off as well as in service mode so it won’t seriously when you are focusing on it. Open the Hayward Goldline control unit (often a whitened box on a wall). This is when your salt cell plugs directly into. Again, make certain the energy continues to be switched off and away to the control unit, after which unplug the large whitened plug at the base from the control unit. Now you need to take away the salt cell in the plumbing. All you need to do is unscrew the big hands-tight fixtures on sides from the TCell 15. Water can come out while you take away the salt cell, try not to worry, it’s normal.

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