Skinnyr Review: Weight Tracking Made Easy

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19 Jan 2009

The following is not a sponsored review and is completely of my own opinion. If you’re interested in having your site reviewed, product or service, please view the details on the advertise page.

Remember the interactive graph I’ve been using to track my weight? Well, the website I’ve been using is called Skinnyr. Skinnyr is a weight graph website to help you track your weight loss. By registering with Skinnyr you must enter your weight and height before the graph is simulated. You can modify the starting date to match when you started to diet or exercise. Skinnyr also gives you your body mass index (BMI) based off your weight and height.

Skinnyr has a premium membership for $10 a year that offers a variety of more features to help track your weight loss. With a premium membership you are offered the following when using their service:

  • No ads
  • Goal Weight (will show up on your graph, too!)
  • Trend Line
  • Monthly Average Graph
  • Add your weight through text message
  • Full use of the API for external tools such as iPhone applications, desktop programs, etc.

Skinnyr also plans to add the following features to their premium accounts in the future:

  • BMI graph
  • Multiple Goal Weights
  • Advanced embedding options (colors, sizes, etc.)

Considering the amount of features this website offers, I would pay the low cost yearly fee. Skinnyr is definitely a website I’ll be utilizing throughout my weight loss on My Weight Change. I believe it’s worth a try for anyone who wants to easily track the weight they’ve lost over any period of time.

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