Chiropractors Can Help Relieve Pain, But You Still Need To Be Wary

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21 Jul 2009

People commonly seek the treatment of a Chiropractor to help them with back or neck problems. Chiropractic treatments have advance significantly over the last few years and the methods that chiropractors use to achieve proper spinal alignment have also improved.

It has been said that many ailments have there origins in dislocations of spinal column. For this reason, chiropractic clinics use diagnostic tools to determine if there is an alignment problem or dislocation of the vertebrae.

Some chiropractors have become practitioners of holistic methods of wellness. It is very true that lifestyle choices and posture can have a significant impact on health, and chiropractic treatment helps many. It is, however, important to remain alert to warning signs that you may need to see a different chiropractor.

When you need to seek the services of a chiropractor to help regain proper spinal alignment or to otherwise alleviate pain, it will often require multiple visits and adjustments. There may need to be repeated treatments of heat, ultrasound or other treatments to achieve the desired outcome. If, however, the chiropractor encourages you to sign up for ongoing maintenance treatments long after the pain is gone, it may be wise for you to get a second opinion.

If the chiropractor seeks to treat parts of your body that do not hurt, you may want to get a second opinion. If you are suffering from low back pain, and the chiropractor wants to continually adjust your neck, you should ask why and perhaps contemplate getting a second opinion.

Many chiropractors receive extensive training on supplementation in chiropractic school. This is part of the holistic approach to health, but if they insist on selling you expensive supplements, you should be wary. Many times, the same supplements can be found cheaper at health food stores. If they say that theirs are the only ones that work, be wary and do some research yourself before buying.

Many chiropractors may need to use x-rays to rule out fractures, identify dislocations or bone disease/arthritis. These will likely be taken if you have sustained a recent injury and are in considerable pain and discomfort or your history and an examination indicates you may have arthritis. If the chiropractor insists on taking many additional x-rays or if you do not have pain in the area the chiropractor is going to x-ray, you should as them to explain in detail why the x-ray is necessary and perhaps get a second opinion.

If, after numerous visits to the chiropractor, you are not getting better, the Doctor should be willing to refer you to another chiropractor or orthopedist. You should not have to ask for a referral or continue to get treatment with out significant positive results.

Most importantly, when you are evaluating a chiropractor to determine if you want to visit them, search online and look for any customer testimonials or reviews. If there are many satisfied customers or it appears that the practice is thriving and growing, then the clinic and it’s doctors is most likely very reputable. On the other hand, if there are negative testimonials or reviews, take a little more time and look for another clinic.

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