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25 Jan 2012

To find the right individual for your helmet, you’ll need to go to a motorcycle dealership and motorcycle gear shop, motorcycle shop should have a helmet, if not, go to store equipment. Okay back to find the size of helmet, the best way to find the size you need to try different models and manufacturers, and which is the most convenient, it is necessary to compress the face a little bit, if you tighten the face set you from getting maximum protection. Which gives maximum protection? It’s a good question.

Arai and Shoei is known for good defense, and expensive, (This is a good sign.) Even though you’re a little loud, I’ll talk about that a little bit. AGV’s are very good schuberth are definitely in my top ten list of helmets. They get a lot of head protection, Valentino Rossi wears them, so it’s good. I have not heard anything about them that loud but it’s a good thing if you do not want to have your ears ringing after a long mountain roads to ride. Nolan is quite a good, very protective and is said not very loud. Nolan is in my top ten. Casey Stoner wearing a Nolan helmet. Anyway, both names I mentioned are very good racers in MotoGP.

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