Physical Fitness For Seniors: How To Stay Healthy

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2 Apr 2012

Because people are now living longer, healthier lives there has been increased concern about physical fitness for seniors. Since there are so many older people who want to live active lives, they are now looking for exercise advice specifically for them. With some help and a few tips older people can stay fit and continue to live healthy lifestyles.

One problem many older people have is that they do not recognize the changes in the needs of their body. This can be a problem as some older people try to jump right back into a work out they did twenty years before. This is not only a good way to get injured but it can lead to discouragement if the person is no longer capable of certain things. This is why older people need to start slow and gradually increase the exercise.

It is all crucial that older people talk to their doctor before starting any type of work out program. There are any number of physical problems that could make rigorous exercise dangerous for a person of advanced years. Doctors can also offer tips about changes in diet that could help the person achieve better results.

One of the most important things is to choose an exercise routine that will work and that can be kept up. Some people choose to work out at home, while others like classes or going to the gym. Whatever they choose it is important that it is done on a regular basis, which is why it is crucial to choose a routine that is enjoyable and not too hard.

Whenever someone is exercising it is good to write down goals for the short term as well as long term goals. People get discouraged if they do not see results so by setting short term goals people can get a sense of achievement. Long term goals help people accomplish activities that might have been too challenging in the beginning but can be achieved over time.

It is a good idea for older people to try and find a solid support system to assist their routine. Joining something like a swim or walking class can be a great way to stay motivated. Even a partner will often be enough to inspire a person on the days when they do not really feel like working out.

When older people are working out they should try to keep in constant motion. Even small movements help burn calories and increase muscle so even if they are moving slowly they should make sure that the movement is constant. Older people should also not be too hard on themselves if things do not start off well and should reward themselves for any type of achievement, which will help them stay motivated.

The internet is a good source for information on physical fitness for seniors. There are a number of e-books that can be found which have an abundance of information for older people. Staying fit is the best way to enjoy the golden years and with these tips it will be easier.

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