Know How To Make Stretch Marks Disappear

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11 Mar 2012

Stretch marks or stria gravidarum is a phenomenon that all of us encounter. As we grow older, the skin naturally stretches but there are cases when the skin overstretches. When this happens, the overstretching leads to the formation of these scars. The skin is unable to cope up with this and tears the dermis.

You may notice that these marks appear silvery white. This is an indication that scarring has already occurred. If these marks are still fresh, these appear reddish before the color eventually fades. The affected area when these appear is actually the dermal layer of the skin. This is where the collagen is made that contributes to skin elasticity. If damaged, it is unable to retain elasticity of the skin.

There are a lot of reason why stretch marks appear on the skin. Basically, if there is an increase n weight that causes the skin to overstretch, it endangers the skin. Especially if the skin reaches its limit that the skin is unable to return to its original shape, that is where the tearing begins. Puberty, increase in mucles and pregnancy are common causes of these.

Prevention is still the best solution to these stretch marks. As we grow older, the skin begins to lose its elasticity. For younger ones, stretch marks is not as threatening for them. As you grow older, you have to be more conscious about these so that you can prevent them easily from happening. Besides, it is your loss if you do not prevent these from appearing.

At the top of the list, laser treatment remains as the effective treatment that people rely on. Thought it is undeniably an expensive treatment, people find it very effective. The laser beam destroys the damage skin cells to make room for repair. It makes the scars fade. It needs at least 6 sessions before it takes full effect.

One treatment you can try out is retinol A. This ingredient in stretch mark creams make the red stretch marks lighten. It actually hinders the red marks to form noticeable scars. It is very important to note that stretch marks that are older or have faded in color may not disappear with the use of retinol A.

Vitamin E is another recommended treatment for stretch marks. Vitamin E is good for the skin which actually makes the skin look better. It gives it a firmer structure and even makes the skin supple. If you give your skin its daily dose of vitamin E, you can guarantee that you will be able to reduce the appearance of these stretch marks.

Don’t be too threatened of these forming on the skin. With so many ways to prevent these, there is nothing that you need to worry about. Just make sure that you have the right treatments. With the constant treatment of these, you will notice that your skin will begin to improve. In time, you will only get smoother and more beautiful skin.

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