As You Become Older It Is Difficult To Stay In Great Shape

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13 Jan 2012

I know you’ve seen those folks who are 50, 60 are even 70 years old and you can plainly see that they’re in better shape than you while they are older. Many folks try and figure out how this is possible, when you think about it it comes to getting exercise. It doesn’t matter how old you are you can get in to the shape you want to be in, all you really have to do is get exercise. Moreover, losing weight after 50 years old can certainly help. An effective workout program would be one that contains both aerobic and resistance exercise together with a little stretching added also. Although you can create an exercise regimen to do each one of the separately, you will realize that the best result will be using some kind of circuit training.

Plenty of folks seem to believe that aerobic fitness exercise is the better way to lose and maintain weight, but, since 75% of the calories you burn are at rest, this isn’t the case. Aerobic exercise only burns calories during the exercise, after which, within two hours once you are finished, you will not end up burning up any more calories. The best way to lose weight is by using resistance training or lifting weights as this builds muscle and you will actually end up burning off more calories for a lot of more hours. Men and women lose about 1 pound of muscle each and every year when they hit the age of 30 if they’re not exercising to build this muscle up. That means that 10 years of muscle loss as a result of inactivity equates to your metabolism slowing down, which also implies that you’re not burning off that extra 450 calories every day. If you wish to reduce weight and gain muscle tone, then you have to incorporate physical exercise into your day and that means including weight training into your exercise regimen. So for those of you who need to lose more weight, adding resistance training or weight lifting is going to be one of the best ways to accomplish this.

So if you’ve been trying to figure out how to stay in shape after 50 you ought to now recognize that exercise is the answer. And while resistance training is really important for building and maintaining your muscles, you ought to also ensure that you’re getting a great amount of stretching and aerobic exercises and as well.

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