Riding Boots

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22 Aug 2011

Horse riding boots, leather shoes specifically. They are more or less, and the design prevents the riders foot is pinched in the saddle. They have a special area, which ensures that the foot is not thought that the stirrup, and often the only fully flat, the leg to avoid being caught in the stirrup, or when a fiber is reduced. They also have a hard nose, and sometimes even steel inserts to prevent fingers that injured during the accident. Owning a pair of quality leather riding boots are essential for all students. No matter, this show, riding, or just pleasure riding, good shoes to ensure comfort and maximum safety. However, because there are many different models when buying boots you may find yourself confused enough that he recorded. In general, riding boots can be divided into two categories all too long and too short.

Long: These are long, above the knee, usually of leather boots, rubber models, but are also available. Because the skin is too expensive, rubber boots may be a better choice for beginners. They offer very good protection for the foot and ankle, but may be too many hot summers. Long boots are made up of three subcategories: field, hunting clothes and boots.

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