Clawfoot Tub

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10 Aug 2011

No one knows for certain if it was found in the bathtub, but now the tub is likely a descendant of a large ceramic bowls. The earliest known bathtub found in the ruins of the palace on the island of Crete. The bath is almost 4000 years old and originally belonged to the queen. Even after the invention, however, does not immediately catch tubs. Indeed, some considered to bathe, to an unhealthy and immoral. Fortunately, improving health conditions for swimming and has become widely accepted.

Claw foot tub, as we know them today, came after many years that the first clawfoot tub in Crete. These freestanding bathtub made of cast iron legs. The cast iron was coated with a smooth attractive. The JL Mott Iron Works Company is generally credited with the first production of enameled cast iron tub interior in 1873. Although the design has changed some, cast claw foot tub is still popular today.

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