Easy Way To Prepare Master Cleanse Recipe For Detox Properly

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31 Dec 2011

The master cleanse recipe for detox provides a lot of benefits. This is why it is popular with a lot of people. It offers a ten day plan for quick weight loss and efficient cleansing of the body. It is important to start the cleansing of the body at the right time for summer.

The right amount ingredients has to be purchased. This is going to be the individual’s only source of food throughout the duration of this program. This means there must be a lot of lemons and the right quantity of Grade B organic syrup or any other type of suitable sugar. A little quantity of cayenne pepper is also required.

The lemon juice can be squeezed out by hand or with the use of an electric juicer. Two tablespoons should be put in the container along with two table spoons of the sugar that is being used. Only a little bit of cayenne pepper is required. This is usually about 1/10 of a teaspoon.

Ten ounces of water is then added after which the entire mixture is given a good stirring. It should then be kept in a refrigerator until the next day. This is the average quantity for one day of the master cleanse recipe for detox.

This diet works because of the drastic reduction of the calorific intake of the individual. A little supply of about 600 calories is provided by the sugar that is in the mixture. The large quantity of water helps the detoxification process. Cayenne pepper helps to curb hunger pangs and lemon is a tasty and valuable source of vitamin C.

A very vital part of this diet is the early morning salt water flush. The individual simply drinks a cup of water containing two teaspoons of sea salt. This is usually done very early in the day. It is a very efficient way for you to flush your bowels. The ten day restriction of the diet is because of health reasons. One usually has to take soft fruits and fruit juices for the first two days after ending the program.

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