The Harmful Side Effects of Bulimia On Your Body And Exactly What You Can Do

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26 Oct 2011

It is recognized that bulimia can occasionally result in fatality if it is not treated and allowed to carry on. The expression of this situation is food binging followed by self induced vomiting. A number of bulimics will get rid of what they have eaten by using laxatives. It is prevalent for people with this condition to perceive themselves as being too heavy, and usually that is not true. The perception is linked with food and weight, and it is this perspective that is grossly out of touch with reality. What is ordinarily seen is approximately two years after puberty develops, then bulimia can happen. Quite often you will find the person experiencing low self worth and problems managing school and other environments. If you want to lose weight fast, click here for one simple tip.

The untreated bulimic can endure life threatening lack of adequate nutrition and excessive loss of fluids. This dysfunction can strike almost anyone if the situation is right, and some prominent women have died from the effects of bulimia. In the 1970s, vocalist Karen Carpenter dealt with this problem for quite a while. Then she lost her battle and succumbed to it for factors associated with heart impairment from bulimia. Bulimia is often successfully treated, but of course it is of critical necessity to begin treatment quickly. Want to learn more about how to lose weight fast? Check out this video.

If this dysfunction is allowed to go on, then that could create serious deficiencies of many vital minerals besides other biochemical substances. If there is considerable use of laxatives, consequently that can lead to chronic constipation. Other linked side effects are deterioration to throat and mouth tissue from the stomach acid. Dental complications are frequent from the acid, and that can easily produce destruction of tooth enamel very quickly as well as gum enlargement. Of course life threatening problems involve heart and kidney impairment. Our bodies need a certain amount of electrolytes for health, and that’s what can be lost due to dehydration. Extreme decrease in electrolytes for too much of a period of time causes heart attack and death. The death rate on account of bulimia is calculated to generally be in the area of ten percent of the total.

Effective treatment methods of this disorder consists of the patient and family unit, family medical doctors, and professional psychiatric or psychological counseling and treatment. Medical doctors might enlist the help of a professional dietician to develop a special diet to address critical loss of nutrients. The patient will indulge the services of professional treatments to correct the detrimental behaviors involving eating too much and elimination. Extra efforts will focus on education and understanding of the harmful nature of bulimia. Certainly there will be treatment developed to distinguish the issues that can cause the patient to take part in bulimic behavior. A large percentage of bulimics will have to learn ways to express themselves and what’s on their minds with people, and that can help in the recovery process.

Bulimia can be fatal, but it can also be successfully overcome and resolved. An additional critical area is getting strong support from the immediate relatives. It may be helpful to participate in group therapy as a different form of social and personal support. However the most important thing that must occur is the bulimic has to freely realize and accept there is a severe problem. The realization must be present that one’s perspective and view about eating is distorted and causing this problem.

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