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9 Jun 2011

Lapel pins is not a simple purchase decision. The process is part of a vision of the final product and the most important settings. Sienna Pacific, lapel pin, a large wholesaler advises consumers to begin the process of answering the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the lapel pin?
  • Then the pin to create brand awareness?
  • The pin is designed to serve as a fundraising incentive?
  • Do they represent the pin awards, recognizing outstanding performance of employees?

The issues mentioned above which is the best customer objectives.

The company’s logo, or to inspire team spirit, die struck soft lapel pins, offset printed and offers several key benefits. Each is a different manufacturing process. The finished product, vivid colors and rich textures, the cube-struck, soft enamel pins is one way of corporate identity.

In situations where the logo in different colors and / or intense detail, the pin offset printed (silk screened printed) is ideal, especially if the artwork is a photograph or image color to color.

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