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7 May 2011

I would like to ask the question there was a fifth wheel owners. Ever, ever seen before or someone else, drop the fifth wheel on the bed rails of the truck while hitching or unhitching? If RVing for a while you probably already saw this happen, perhaps even several times. If you look at the camp or the other trucks that are pulling fivers and you will see a damaged bed rails.

Dropping the saddle can happen quickly and easily. You’re distracted from the campsite, and forget to lower the landing gear, or if you’re in a hurry, forget to chock the wheels and you pull the hitch latch, or perhaps you think the hitch is locked and you pull it forward, and the BOOM! This can happen to anyone, even the most experienced tractor owner. The next time you look at an RV dealership service trucks, chances are one of them is damaged bed rails too.

If this happens, it can be very dangerous for someone in the immediate vicinity. This can cause considerable damage to the tow vehicle and 5th wheel insurance, not to mention what could be embarrassing if other people are watching when it happens. Costs to repair damage to the tow vehicle and fifth wheel can range $ 2000 more than 4000 $, and hopefully no one was hurt when it happened. The thought occurs that it is always in the back of your mind. This causes stress and interferes enjoy camping experience.

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