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21 Apr 2011

If you have ever had child involved in youth sports, it certainly took part in the mandatory end of season party. Win, lose or draw, the team gets together for one last time to celebrate the season, whether barbeque by the pool or the local pizza place. This has always been an enjoyable event for me, because both parent and coach. These gatherings remind us why our children spend as much time taxiing back and forth the practices and games. This is not to win, but good fun. For me, it looks like a group of young people grow together, forging friendships that can last potentially for a lifetime.

The one aspect of those parties that made the life of its own in recent years the trophy. No matter how good or bad the team, winning the championship, or has lost all the games. These days, it would be heresy to deny your kids a trophy acknowledging their participation in the team.

Or would it be? The participation trophy, one of the most irrelevant piece of abuse and child sitting on the shelf hardware. The soccer trophies should represent the performance of some kind, but no real power to the participant for at least the standards of most of the participation fees.

George Carlin complained that there are no losers in this country, “the last winner.” Provide trophies participation of children is apparently designed to improve self-esteem, but Roy Baumeister, a psychology professor at Florida State, noted, “self-esteem does not lead to success in life . self-discipline and self control to do. “Just look at the cavalcade of the tone-deaf singer wanna-bes” American Idol “to realize that there is no shortage of self-esteem in this countries. They show that it is clear that, if not acquired, self-esteem is largely the precursor to the confusion and disappointment. We do not favor our children in production where there are winners.

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