Finally You Too Will be Able to Boost Your Metabolism and Burn More Fat Faster Than Ever Before

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12 Jul 2011

One goal of building muscle mass is to raise your metabolism. People who wish to burn off their excess fat have two choices. They can perform a lot of cardio workout routines like using a rowing machine each day. Or, they could raise their metabolism.

The best way to burn fat is to raise your metabolism. A pound of lean muscle mass, even without physical exercises, burns between 35 and 50 calories every day. Most people are not elite athletes who can add nearly two-thirds of a pound of lean muscle mass in one week. And, we’ve all seen star athletes add over a pound of muscle mass each week with steroid use.

But, the average person isn’t going all out to build muscle. They are going to build muscle more slowly.

A typical person might go to the gym around three days a week. Performing some resistance training for 20 to 30 minutes at the gym could add about a quarter of a pound of lean muscle mass in a week. Of course, how intensely you train and what muscle groups you exercise will produce a big difference here. And, as you first start exercising you could add muscle mass noticeably faster than this.

What does all this muscle building resistance training mean in terms of losing fat?

Let’s take it little by little. After one week of resistance training you’ve gained about a fourth of a pound of lean muscle mass. This new muscle is going to burn somewhere around 10 calories per day, each and every day, even without further exercise. Doing these exercises for four weeks builds up your metabolism by around 40 calories every day. Frankly, that doesn’t sound like a lot, does it?

You need to understand that the outcome is progressive or cumulative. After three months of resistance training your body is consuming well over 120 extra calories every day. Did you realize that this is the equivalent of jogging more than a mile every single day? And, since you actually use those muscles when you do any kind of exercise (like walking, climbing stairs, mowing the grass) you will benefit as those new muscles consume even more calories.

Muscles consume both sugars and fats. Muscles use more sugars for fast energy when they are working hard. During sleep your muscles are resting. Some say they are using about 80% fat for energy. Muscles doing work use more sugar for fast energy and may burn around 30% fat or so. What effect does this have on getting rid of your excess fat?

Just how much should this increase metabolism?

Three months of resistance training will have raised your metabolism by at the very least 120 calories every day. This elevated metabolism will consume about two-thirds of a pound of fat every month. Of course, any physical exercises you get will help burn off even more fat. And, unless you are sick and in bed, everyone gets some exercise each day.


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