Hypnosis To Lose Weight

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18 Jun 2011

Hypnosis can be another effective tool in your weight loss arsenal. However, it is not a panacea. Like all weight loss regimens, the dieter must still exercise discipline and self control. Hypnosis is a psychological means for helping you avoid excess food intake. With hypnosis, the onus is on the patient. This is not like visiting a doctor, where we normally depend on the physician for results, the burden here still lies squarely with the patient. Nevertheless, hypnosis can still be a helpful tool in the dieter’s arsenal.

Results achieve by the use of hypnotism are attributable more to the patient and not the person performing the hypnotic procedure. The therapist provides the dieter with another encouraging tool in their quest for weight reduction. This is a difficult concept for many dieters and professionals to accept. Quite often when we consult a medical practitioner, we assume a passive role and depend on the health care professional to attain the results we desire. The professional’s skill in selecting and carrying out the correct treatment is seen as the crucial factor for successful recovery. The use of hypnosis for weight reduction does not follow this script. With weight reduction hypnosis, the therapist only provides psychological tool, encouragement, and advice to help you lose weight. The results attained by the patient are primarily predicated on the ability to the patient to comprehend, and implement the treatment regimen. However, when engaging in a quick weight loss regimen, hypnosis can provide assistance.

Currently, there are no available means to reduce your weight without a substantial amount of work on your part. Herbal medications, surgical procedures and the like still require a commitment of time and effort from the dieter. There are some weight loss procedures that have adverse side effects and should only be used when there are not other options available. Many weight loss diets and procedures will not help in the least. For long term weight reduction, the body must be in a state of negative nitrogen balance for an extended time period, however, the human body has built in mechanisms to thwart this effort. The body attempts to conserve energy, this mechanism can serve to encourage excess calorie intake, and it makes weight reduction painful and difficult. Everyone has a build in weight conservation mechanism that serves to conserve the body’s energy resources.

When we diet we are trying to resist these powerful, natural urges that normally prevent energy deficit. Various medications that suppress our appetite, changes to our diet, and hypnosis can help. At the end of the day, the dieter is still going to have to exert great will power and endure discomfort to achieve results. In spite of all of this, the fact remains, that if you can get your body in a state of prolonged energy deficit, you will reduce your weight. Weight reduction is achievable for those that have a well thought out strategy and exercise persistence and self control. You can see that the your body metabolism attempts to adjust to mitigate your rapid weight loss efforts.

Most weight gain problems are the direct result of our own habits. In general, we eat too much of the wrong foods, and engage in too few physical activities. This fact has advanced the healthcare and weight-loss industries as the largest in our society today. People that are desperate for a remedy, seek out all kinds of unorthodox treatments to lose weight, such as hypnosis and acupuncture. There is no verifiable evidence from controlled scientific studies to confirm the efficacy of these therapies. However, if you want to try weight loss hypnosis, try to have an open mind but do not count on it working. Hypnosis has been known to help those who have trouble resisting the temptation to eat excessively.

With weight loss hypnosis, you are attempting to alter your eating habits enough, to achieve that sought after negative nitrogen balance that will result in weight reduction. If by using weight loss hypnosis, you can keep your weight down for three years you will have established a new set point and it will be easy to maintain your lower weight. Think of your weight loss hypnosis as a thermostat that regulates your weight.

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