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20 Feb 2011

Merchandising as a bridge between the management (or) industry and the customer refers to a series of activities, methods and practices to reach and sell products to the retail customer. Put simply, any activity or practice to increase sales of the product and initiate a retail customer to buy that product is a part of merchandising. This is an important aspect of marketing and Distributors play an important role in processes ranging from production to final distribution or consumption of the product.

While merchandising jobs tasks to suppliers varies from organization to organization, but the basic tasks such as planning, keep an eye on the latest trends and works costing, fabrics and accessories in the follow-up, create an action plan to ensure the timely and adequate supplies to remain constant over time.

For those who have the vision and eye for style, trend, fashion marketing work best for them. The job is to connect to a fashion merchandiser fashion consumers. They plan to launch the new fashion that we follow the historical trend and current. They had been forecasting the ability to have a vision of the future operational needs of consumers, the analytical capacity to keep a tab on the budget and good communication skills for effective marketing of goods. The job of a fashion display is also required creativity and flexibility in a changing world of fashion.

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