Secrets Of Advanced Lucid Dreaming

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12 May 2011

A lucid dreamer is a person who sleeps only with his body but his mind is completely wakeful and focused when he traverses to the realms of dreams. Thus, in simple terms it is all about being consciously aware that you in a dream. It must be noted that an adult lucid dreamer also possesses the power of full dream control wherein he can set the dream scenes, and thereafter see, and do whatever he desires.

A rare and extremely difficult ability to develop, lucid dreaming requires a lot of focused effort, meditation techniques and most importantly, practice. One needs to start from inducing the basic lucid dreaming stage and work up to the intermediate stage and then really put in effort to reach that final stage of advanced lucid dreaming to enjoy the absolute dream control.

If you are in the basic lucid dreaming stage, the technique of MILD is a good way to get yourself some advanced lucid dreaming experiences. The Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream technique known as MILD in short is based on the stimulus-response based approach.

To use the MILD technique of advanced lucid dreaming, a simple exercise would be to stare at your hands and tell yourself that you are going to see it in your dreams. Continue this calm and gradual mental affirmation till you fall asleep and try to recollect your dreams everyday after waking up. Practice this for a few days and within a week, if not earlier, you will see your hands in your dream. Immediately you will connect and realize that you are dreaming, but don’t get too excited to wake yourself up. Try and remain calm to explore your dream settings.

A bit more advanced lucid dreaming, or the intermediate stage involves increased exploration and goal setting. Thus, explore your dream by walking about, opening cupboards and drawers and looking inside and explore your abilities by testing whether you can use your memory, sense organs and the like. Set yourself goals like flying to a particular planet or remembering the response from a dream character, swimming under water, etc.

In advance lucid dreaming stages where you have the sufficient ability and experience in doing all that you desire, there will be some questions in your mind regarding lucid dreaming, life, death and reality in particular. Remember that if your mind believes that you can do this much in your lucid dreams and no further, then that is what will be. Hence, keep your mind open to constant lucid dreaming experiences and activities without any boundaries thereof. Hence, fly off to far away planets and stars, ask a deceased person about his afterlife experiences, get to know about your own past reincarnations and the like.

Advanced lucid dreaming stages entails actions like healing ailing people, knowing the answers to some difficult spiritual questions, knowing about the afterlife from deceased people, knowing about your own past births, etc. Remember that your abilities in your dreams and the scope and boundary to what you can do or what you can achieve is only set by your own sub conscious mind. Hence, believe in infinite power and have faith that you can do and achieve whatever is it that you want in your lucid dreams.

It must be noted that in the last decade, extensive usage of drugs, pills, amino acids and herbs are being discovered and used to induce lucid dreaming conditions, but it can be concluded by saying that the simple fact remains that unless you possess or develop the proper mental state required, advanced lucid dreaming would be a distant dream.

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