Natural Methods To Prevent Stretchmarks During Pregnancy

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2 May 2011

Stretch marks are white or red coloured parallel fine lines that are formed on the upper legs, hips, breast arms, etc . Medically they are referred to as striae. They are formed due to over stretching of the skin. Pregnancy and striae go side by side. But with some simple steps and home-made remedies you can avoid or at the very least decrease these unwelcome lines on your body. These are some guidelines to get rid of the postpartum stretch marks.

How to treat & prevent postpartum stretch marks naturally?

Massage: It is utmost useful in preventing stretch marks. Essentially these marks occur when the skin is expanded beyond its pliancy. Delicately rubbing the vulnerable areas with natural elements that compensate the lost collagen ( natural protein that forms new skin tissues ) makes our skin more elastic. This reduces the likelihood of having these red coloured wrinkles on your belly or the juggs.

For the massage you can apply one among the items given below:

– Olive Oil – Almond Oil – Vitamin E – Aloe Vera Gel

Stay hydrated: You’ve got to have at least 8 to ten glasses of water each day. This would keep the body hydrated and maintain the smoothness of the skin.

Bathe with warm water: It opens the pores of the skin and allows it to breath. It provides help in avoiding many other health worries as well.

Castor oil: Apply a thick layer of castor oil on the areas like upper arms, ass, lower belly, and so on. And cover it with a plastic sheet. Now mildly heat it with warm water bottle or a heating pad for twenty-five to forty five minutes. It allows the oil to seep into the skin and develop the essential collagen and elastin.

Eat a well-balanced diet: Have diet that’s loaded in zinc, vitamin A, C & E, proteins etc . It might help the body fix the damaged skin tissue and form new ones.

Use stretch mark creams: You will opt to massage the necessary areas with one of the most effective anti stretch marks cream called Captiva. It comprises of all of the previously mentioned ingredients and some patented peptides. If this balm is utilized regularly for the 9 months of pregnancy, you would certainly have little or no stretch marks. Captiva is also effective in removing the postpartum stretch marks.

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