How to remove stretch marks: Practical and natural ways to do it

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17 Mar 2011

Stretch marks are very ugly looking spots on the surface of the skin it can occur both in men and women. Nobody wants these marks and most of the people avoid these marks using skin creams and if the cream fails to remove stretch marks then laser therapy is tried for their removal. It’s better to consult an experienced dermatologist before going for laser treatment and seek opinion from people who have already taken this treatment. The main problem with the laser therapy is, this therapy’s after affects which has to be kept in mind prior taking this therapy. The laser therapy is expensive then normal cream application which moves in depth of skin layers and cleans the marks and the dirt on the epithelial tissue.

Laser therapy is used in stretch marks removal which is latest in this category and removes those marks which are caused by low quality cosmetics or some natural cause. The laser treatments used for removing these stretch marks has a wide variation in its technique which is applied according to the patients mark condition. Some stretch marks are due expansion of muscles while other may be due to some other reason, so a specific range and concentration of rays are used to remove them. If the mark or spot is of higher degree then the high concentrated laser beams are used to remove them and vice versa in case of light marks.

The stretch mark treatment is not the only or the best way to treat your marks or your skin as you might get other kinds of side affects from the laser treatment. There are different kinds of laser treatments. Some of them for curing the diseases and some are used for other kinds of scientific purposes or for experiments. Not all the laser treatments are considered to be bad. Some of them are very much effective and they provide very excellent results for all the patients. The stretch mark treatment is a very expensive treatment.

The cosmetic laser treatments are also very expensive and they are usually done by the television actresses and actors. They are the ones that require beautiful and scar less faces. They need to look their best always whether on the screen or some where else, it does not matter, and they just have to look best without any pimples and stretch marks. The lasers in these treatments penetrate the inside layers of the skin and remove all the stretch marks. These treatments are used for removing all the stretch marks and scars that are in side the skin weather on the outer or the inner layer. These laser treatments will remove the marks and scars.

People around the world, agrees with this fact that these scar removal treatments are highly expensive and almost impossible to achieve for a common person. Not only doctors charge their fees but a single laser session would cost him extra. Avoiding sun interaction and sun screen application would protect the skin from scar and spots. It is said that “prevention is better than cure” which can help you save a lot of money in these treatments. A single doctor consultation will charge you extra money every time when a person visits the clinic which is heavy on pocket.

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