Select The Right Type Of Sandals And Get A Free Workout

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1 Mar 2011

During the summer, flip flop sandals are very popular – but they can produce foot pain for a lot of wearers. They tend to have a thin sole (as compared to other footwear styles) and have no support in the area of the arch.

Throughout the summer months, a great many people will enjoy the freedom of flip flop sandals and consider them as an ideal footwear choice. They are cheap, bright and trendy, and they often come adorned with glittery ornaments. Worn in moderation, around the pool or at the beach for example, flip flops can provide good protection from hot or cold surfaces and rough surfaces as well. However, prolonged usage of flip flops can lead to foot pain – specifically in the areas of the heel and the arch – for a high percentage of wearers.

If you enjoy the freedom of flip flop type sandals and you really want to wear them for longer periods of time, then it might be worth your while to check out the FitFlops range. At first glance, these look very similar to standard flip flop type sandals – but they incorporate a specially shaped sole, which is thicker and provides extra support. These are a good deal better for your feet than normal flip flop type sandals. They are even approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

The special design of the sole means that the muscles in your lower body perform extra work when you walk around whilst wearing them. FitFlops are toning shoes and they use something that the makers refer to as “microwobbleboard” technology. The intention is that it operates on the same principle as the balance boards that are to be found in most gyms these days.

As a result of this special sole, a small amount of instability is introduced when walking in FitFlops. Your lower body muscles will, quite naturally, attempt to restore the balance of your body – and this makes them work just a little bit harder. This means that, when you wear your FitFlops, each and every step will be helping you to tone your legs and trim your butt. You are effectively getting a free lower body workout as you walk around – but without the need for a trip to the gym, and also without the monthly membership fees.

FitFlops come in a very wide choice of styles and colors. In fact, as a result of customer demand, the range has grown to incorporate sneakers, winter boots, slippers and clogs. All of the shoes in the range are bright, colorful, fashionable and chic – but it’s the sandals which give you the freedom of flip flops with no injury risk and which help you to get into shape at the same time.

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