When You Have False Teeth

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27 Feb 2011

One gentleman had false teeth and in the first 15 years he was not even able to eat corn on the cob. He can bite off the corn but his lower plate would be dislodged. Since he had dentures screwed to his jaw, it has been two years. What he can do at age 54 is enjoy that favorite summer treat not to mention eat whatever he wants.

Taking permanent dental implants into consideration, these were discovered 20 years ago in Sweden and today are becoming common in the United States. When it comes to dental implants, these are ideal for patients who have developed physical problems that make it difficult for them to wear conventional dentures not to mention people who can’t tolerate removable dentures for psychological reasons according to one dentist from a well known clinic. From one major NY clinic came about offerings for these implants some years ago and since then thousands of patients have received the permanent false teeth resulting to a success rate that was put by the dentist at 98 percent.

Starting in 1982, training doctors for this kind of procedure happened in the University of Texas in San Antonio, a dental center in Rochester, N.Y., and the University of Washington in Seattle. When it comes to this procedure, the dentist cuts and drills through the soft gum tissue on the jawbone and then to insert titanium screws to serve as anchors for the denture he drills into the bone yet again. For the soft gum tissue, it is usually sewn up over the screws. It is healing that happens in three to six months and a small incision is made afterwards on the gum tissue above each of the screws. After abutments extending through the soft tissue are connected to the screws the wounds are closed.

A week’s time is necessary before the permanent denture is screwed on the abutment. Considering how patients cannot remove the permanent denture, dentists can remove it when necessary. Over the years, the bony support for the denture has receded especially in their lower jaw and this is the primary reason behind why patients get permanent dental implants.

The more difficult the implants are to clean the sturdier they are. When it comes to this, hygiene is necessary. The key to preventing infections from developing resulting in further bone loss is to keep the gum tissue clean by removing food particles from around the abutments.

It takes more time for him to clean them but he is not regretful as mentioned by the man who had permanent dentures implanted in his lower jaw and still has a removable upper plate. He said that he had a lot of problems with his lower denture; he couldn’t get them to stay there. With this, he could not even go out to eat. Today, he can eat everything he wants.

According to him, the cost of insurance was high because it is at $11000 considering how insurance covered only a little above $5000. What he was glad about was getting the procedure done. Actually, he is completely satisfied with the implants that he got. Out of the people who get permanent dental implants, between 90 and 95 percent of the patients are satisfied. Here, the patients are able to have real teeth but ones free from toothaches.

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