How to Keep your Family Close at All Times

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23 Feb 2011

A friend of mine does a lot of traveling because her profession requires it. She’s only hope to spend time with her friends and family once in a blue moon. I can tell that she gets lonely sometimes and misses her loved ones. So when this holiday season comes around, I figured out a really great gift to get her. When I first started thinking about it, I was somewhat lost because I had no idea what to get someone who is always traveling. It had to be something that wouldn’t get in her way. I mean, for someone that moves around so much, what kind of personal items could they possibly own?

Of course, I also needed to factor in the fact she was away from family so often. In the end, I decided that I needed to find something that she can keep with her at all times, and preferably wear as well. On top of that, it had to remind her of home. The conclusion I came to was a jewelry charm bracelet. I was originally thinking of a necklace, but that doesn’t help remind of family at all. However, charm bracelet will do that with justice. There were numerous reasons why I felt so strongly about it. It took some research, but here’s what I figured out.

– Utility. Finding something practical was challenging because of her moving around so much. However, charm bracelets are comfortably lightweight and they never get in the way. They are attractive and easy to wear while being so active.

-Aesthetics. Looks are important! I needed something that looks great on her. The charm bracelet certainly fits under this category. It’s a great piece with many colors on it. Being a professional, the bracelet is quite suitable for her environment and personality.

– Variety. The variety is wide and vast, choosing just what you want may take some time, but it is worth it. You can personalize and customize the bracelet and charms to suit the individual. Actually, the most difficult task is deciding the charms you will not include in a collection.

– Unique. Everyone loves being unique and there is very little chance that someone else will be wearing the exact same charm bracelet. You can customize it and personalize it to create an unexpected surprise that is entirely unique.

– Memories. Life is made of many memories, you can highlight special memories by choosing charms that reflect his or her personality as well as those things and people at home they miss while traveling.

The best thing about the whole experience of looking for grandmother gifts and finding one was that I was proud of my gift. Normally I am extremely stressed and rushed looking for the last of gifts for my friends. This normally doesn’t turn out too well as the gifts are pretty mundane. However, the holidays are about digging deep and showing your loved ones you care. A charm bracelet is a great way of sharing compassion.

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