How To Get Faster Weight Loss Results With A Walking Workout Regime

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17 Feb 2011

There are a number of compelling reasons why you might wish to choose walking as a way to take exercise. It can be very pleasant to walk in scenic surroundings. It can be a pleasant break from the rest of your daily routine, giving a change of scenery and allowing a little time to think. It can even be a bit of a social event with a friend or some colleagues. Walking has many health benefits which might appeal to you – and it’s easier to fit it into your day than many other exercise formats. It is also a splendid way to get in better shape and to lose a little weight.

That may be why you will often hear people asking “how many miles do I have to walk to burn off X calories?” – or some variation. It’s a commonly asked question – but it overlooks one of the most beneficial elements of a walking exercise routine as a method of losing weight.

The truly excellent thing about walking for weight loss – or any other method of light exercise for that matter – is that, if it is carried out on a regular and consistent basis, it will actually boost your metabolism. In plain English – the rate at which you burn calories throughout the day will increase.

Whilst you are actually exercising, you will burn calories of course. That is great of course – but what’s more, you are going to use up calories more rapidly throughout the day, not just when you’re actually taking exercise. Surfing the internet, doing the housework, reading a magazine – even when you’re fast asleep – you will use calories faster.

The key thing to remember, if you wish to achieve this higher calorie consumption rate, is to take your exercise on a regular and consistent basis. Walking is an activity that you will do, to some extent, practically every single day. However, you should be looking to do a little extra at least three times weekly if you want to increase your metabolic rate. A good brisk half hour walk should do the trick.

If you can do more, then that’s even better of course – but it’s so much more important to be regular and consistent in your approach. Low intensity, low impact, low injury risk exercise is, for the vast majority of people, a much better option than sporadic bursts of high intensity physical activity.

You will, in addition to weight loss, see many other health benefits. Many people might find that they achieve better and more sustainable results by going for a walk instead of going for the burn.

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