Why A Walking Workout Routine Is Cheap, Convenient And Produces Great Results

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5 Feb 2011

The sports and leisure industry is a huge multi-billion dollar business. In common with so many other manufacturers and retailers, businesses in the sports and leisure sector enjoy a massive boost during the festive season each year. In fact, there is a double bubble effect.

A lot of people will give sports related gifts at Christmas. Exercise shoes – the same ones worn by a variety of admired sporting heroes are always a popular choice. Team uniforms and logo festooned sportswear are also gifts that are normally well received. A wide variety of sporting gifts – from boxing gloves to rowing machines – will be lovingly wrapped up and stuffed into stockings or placed beneath the tree.

A couple of weeks later, as the impact of the festivities on people’s waistlines becomes obvious, weight loss resolutions involving taking more exercise and adopting a healthier lifestyle in general will start to become common. A lot of those sports based Christmas gifts will see their first use when the recipients set off for running tracks, gyms and parks to lose their unwanted weight and to get in better shape.

This is definitely very commendable, and there will be some – a few probably – who will continue their exercise program in the long term. Sadly, once their initial enthusiasm wears off, a lot of people will abandon their new exercise plans. It’s only natural – it’s hard to find the time, the energy and the motivation to exercise sometimes. Fitting it around the demands of family life and a job can be difficult.

However, there’s no need to get dressed from head to toe in fluorescent Lycra and traipse to the gym for an hour of puffing and sweating. There’s no need to spend a fortune on special fitness equipment or to commit to costly monthly gym membership fees. A walking exercise program is one of the most effective ways of getting in shape and losing a little weight.

It also has a dropout rate which is considerably lower than many other exercise formats – possibly due to the fact that it is a low injury risk form of exercise. Don’t jump to the conclusion that, as walking is a low intensity, low impact way to take exercise, that it won’t do you much good. It takes more or less the same amount of energy to walk a mile as it does to jog it – and there will be a lot less stress on your muscles and joints when you are walking compared to when you are running.

You can schedule walking into your daily routine whenever it suits you best. If you can set aside half an hour or an hour a day for a nice long walk then that’s great. But if it’s easier to fit walking into your routine in two or three smaller chunks then that’s still okay. Every little helps – and there are numerous ways in which you can fit walking into your day.

A good pair of shoes that fit you well is all that you need to get cracking with your walking workout routine. The key thing is that they fit you well – there’s no need to go for a big name brand. Getting yourself a decent pair of shoes is a much better use of your cash than buying branded athletic vests, jogging pants with logos on them or any of the other numerous weight loss fads and gimmicks.

Nowadays, you can buy walking shoes online and usually get a good deal. If they’re not a good fit, you can generally return them free of charge and either get a refund or try a new pair in a different size.

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