A Detailed Glimpse At Why Several Guys Get Those Man Boobs

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1 Feb 2011

Gynecomastia is primarily a result of disparities in male-female hormonal levels among men of all ages. Very tiny amounts of glandular tissues are present in the male breasts and enhancement of these tissues leads to the development of man boobs. The scientific name gynecomastia means this unnatural enlargement of the masculine boobs. It can be either unilateral with merely a solitary breast affected, or bilateral with the two breasts affected.

Both men and women possess estrogen, a female hormone, and androgen, a male hormone. For the duration of adolescence, the degree of these hormones keep on fluctuating. Gynecomastia conditions manifest when estrogen levels in men are abnormally higher than normal for a lengthier time period. This kind of hormonal imbalance ordinarily gets resolved on its own within 6 months to two years.

While the age of puberty is the major cause of hormonal level variations, additional factors can bring on this disorder. Abrupt weight reduction or gain as well as poor nutrition may change the natural activity of hormones and lead to these instability. Nutritional deficiencies is thus another leading reason behind gynecomastia. Certain health problems like chronic renal failure, hyperthyroidism and cirrhosis of liver affect normal hormone metabolism as well.

Klinefelter’s syndrome, microbial infections, physical trauma, aging and blood flow complications affect the male reproductive organ called testes, which happens to be responsible for the production of testosterone. When the normal manufacture of testosterone is upset, they even can get lower than estrogen levels in the male system. This irregular condition might lead to a condition of gynecomastia.

Some types of medications and drugs may also bring about adverse effects that influence hormonal levels in the body. For example, diuretics can function against androgenic functions in the male system. Medicines used to treat hypertensive conditions, particularly those that incorporate calcium channel blockers, can adjust hormonal activity. Inappropriate or extended use of particular prescription drugs used to treat cancer of the prostate, ulcers or bacterial infections can also result in hormonal imbalance. Similarly, substances such as marijuana, heroin, amphetamines and liquor also play a role in the gynecomastia dysfunction.

The natural aging process also brings on random periods of hormonal changes. When these alterations involve the estrogen and androgen hormones, gynecomastia conditions may occur among individuals of the male sex. Most cases of gynecomastia resolve on their own with virtually no treatment solution. If this was drug induced, ceasing to take the particular medicine can turnaround for the condition. If it is a consequence of some kind of illness, then the treatment for the same will cure gynecomastia as well. There’s medication available to handle gynecomastia and eliminate all the added breast tissue. Surgical procedures can also address more serious cases of gynecomastia.

Men suffering from gynecomastia often experience awkwardness, psychological complexes and depression symptoms. It is vital to be aware that gynecomastia is not a disease but a hormonal dysfunction that is highly curable. It is essential for this reason to focus on the true reason behind gynecomastia to handle this problem.

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