The Application Of Massage Or A Body Wrap In Weight Loss

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3 Feb 2011

Trying to lose weight, people are constantly faced with scams and companies trying to take advantage of them. So, when an alternative method like massages or body wraps shows up, people wonder, do massage and body wrap help with weight loss, or is it just another scam. There area few answers to that question.

Both massages and body wraps have had their abilities to burn fat greatly exaggerated. That part probably falls under ‘scams, ‘ because neither directly influences the body’s ability to lose fat. However, massage might be able to play a part in a healthy diet and exercise program. Wraps are also effective at helping people shed pounds temporarily– but it’s water weight, not fat.

Advertisements abound claiming that massages are the latest and greatest way to release toxins or break up fat cells. These claims are false. But massages can reduce stress and tension stored in the muscles, leading to more mental and physical energy. These are beneficial to all parts of a diet and exercise program, and thus, massage can be said to be somewhat useful in efforts to slim down. Just don’t expect to see results right after you step off the table.

Body wraps also make claims that they reduce fat cells or replace toxins with nutrients. The only thing a body wrap reduces is the amount of water you are carrying. Sufficiently tight constriction of a body area can also cause redistribution of the fat cells, so if a wrap is very tight, you might change your shape slightly. But you won’t lose any appreciable amount of fat.

In terms of the health or danger of the processes, wraps and massages are not at all comparable. Massages are not dangerous, and may have benefits for your overall program. The worst you’ll get from them is an empty wallet and some disappointment. So don’t expect them to get rid of your extra fat, but consider using them as a tool to more effective weight loss, if you enjoy them.

Wraps, unfortunately, can be dangerous. If you lose too much water during a wrap, you could experience the side effects of dehydration, something that you don’t want to happen. And there is an additional danger since the pounds lost after wraps are so temporary– people might subject themselves to long-term dehydration caused by repeated wraps, in order to maintain the results.

Part of the problem is that wraps are effective, to a certain extent. If they didn’t work at all, there wouldn’t be so many people trying them (though there would doubtless still be a few). But wraps can help people lose a few pounds immediately before an important meeting or reunion, and some people are not aware of or don’t care about the dangers.

Exercising and eating a better diet are much more effective than either of these measures. But if you want to test them out, go for a massage. It is less likely to do any damage to your system, and more likely to help at least your mental state. And remember that as in most things, weight loss offers that sound too good to be true probably are.

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