What Do Users Really Want From Toning Footwear?

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28 Jan 2011

Toning shoes seem to be one of those products that you either love or hate. Thanks to a special design of sole, toning shoes allow wearers to tone their legs and trim their butts just by walking around normally. For many busy, modern women, toning shoes must seem like the answer to their prayers.

It goes without saying that there are those who find toning shoes to be a somewhat dubious concept at best. The American Council for Exercise (ACE) conducted a trial which, in their opinion, proved that toning shoes provide little benefit. The footwear manufacturers retaliated by pointing out that the ACE study had a very small sample size and used subjects of an inappropriate age.

Of course, the major footwear companies have had tests of their own performed – and these seem to support the various claims made for them. Even so, the funding for these tests came from the footwear manufacturers themselves – which makes many doubt the independent nature of the results.

Given that there is no conclusive scientific evidence, it would make sense to consider user feedback. This seems to be overwhelmingly positive – and it’s interesting that a lot of users report benefits that aren’t even claimed by the manufacturers.

Some wearers attribute cellulite reduction to their toning shoes. Others, particularly those who have had long term problems with joint pain or foot spurs, report that the reduced impact of walking in certain toning shoes has alleviated their various problems. Possibly that shouldn’t be very surprising. Don’t forget – MBT shoes, one of the longest established “toning” shoes – were originally developed to help provide relief from lower back pain and improve posture.

According to some user feedback, FitFlops toning shoes are very comfortable to walk in – more so than other types of exercise shoe. FitFlops also serve to display the latest toning shoe trend of not looking like exercise shoes. The range of FitFlop shoes has grown from the original sandals and now includes clogs, sneakers, slippers and booots. Some of these are very trendy – and other toning shoe makers, like Skechers and MBT shoes for example, are now beginning to produce shoes which look less like fitness footwear and more like normal shoes.

At the end of the day, for many buyers, toning shoes are just another new pair of shoes which will look good when they wear them. A lot of people will enjoy the comfortable fit of some toning shoes and find them better to walk in than normal exercise shoes. They may even be encouraged to walk further and more often than they would normally do. Any additional “toning” benefits may, for a lot of people, be considered to be something of a bonus.

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