Find Out How To Shave Without Getting Razor Cuts

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30 Jan 2011

If you think that shaving is for the faint of heart, you’re wrong. First of all, shaving is a skill that every young man should master because if not, it could lead to serious injuries or skin problems. Razor cuts are a major concern for guys who shave often. Actually, there are certain reasons why guys who shave cut their skin. If you want to find out why and how you can prevent getting razor cuts yourself, continue to read along.

First of all, razors come in two different types. One is the traditional wet razor that can come with a single, double, or even four-blade model. The other one is the electric razor, which can be operated using a battery. Among the two, the wet razor is highly suggested, especially for someone who has sensitive skin. The reason is that wet razors are easier to control than electric shaves, reducing your risk for accidental cuts and wounds.

In using shaving creams, you have to keep in mind that there are different brands out there. Buy shaving creams that are not alcohol based and are specifically designed for sensitive skin. If you have soft and sensitive skin, it is not advised that you use shaving creams that are alcohol based. Alcohol can leave your skin dry, making it susceptible to razor cuts.

Put in mind that before you start shaving, you have to make sure first that your skin is all prepared (for example, pores are opened and hair are softened). For best results, apply a piece of hot towel to the cheeks and chin. Aside from making you feel good, it can also open up your skin pores and make your hair softer, making shaving a lot less difficult.

The direction on which you shave with is also very essential. Most men do not understand this concept and just shave in whatever direction they wish to shave, thus resulting to cuts and bumps on the skin. When shaving the hair in your cheek, make sure you shave downwards, in the same way where the hair points. When shaving under the chin area, shave upwards because that’s direction of hair growth.

While refillable razors are also good razors, disposable ones are more advisable. Not only are disposable razors cheap, they can also lessen your risk for razor cuts since you don’t have to wait for them to get dull before you throw them. Moreover, don’t forget to maintain your razor by washing it with water and alcohol after shaving.

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