Emotional Eating: Are You Distressed By It?

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20 Apr 2009

Have you ever dreamt of overcoming emotional eating by dieting even while knowing that it is not about self-control? Perhaps not, since it is not going to stop so easily after you finished your meal. Well, emotional hunger is a tricky situation in response to an gushy trigger. We have all come across such people who make an attempt to manage mood swings with food.

Emotional eating is not about weight; it’s about the whys behind it and it is a very common phenomenon in which the urge to eat is not due to real hunger. difficult to control. As I said, it develops as a problem only when the person resorts to regulating mood swings through eating.

Emotional Eating Is Not Dangerous But Problematic
In spite of all the hues and cries raised against it, emotional eating is still considered as normal but it can be a cause of major worries later in your life as it is a common way we weaken our weight loss goals even when it doesn’t have to be that way. In one way, emotional eating is a symptom of negative programming that begins at tender age in most of us that suffer it, and continues to be reinforced through many outlets as we grow in age. To wrap it up, we can say those who are suffering agony from it link it to stress-coping mechanism.

Let’s See a Few More Facts

  1. Not all emotionally challenged people take refuge to heavy eating, or would they?
  2. Those who are sweeps of emotional eating, always pose the same escapist excuse that they are going through an emotionally disastrous time.
  3. One of the most commonest reasons for emotional eating is just plain old boredom.
  4. People taking emotional eating as a vent to their grief are also likely to take recourse to smoking/alcoholism or worse still, drug addiction.
  5. You don’t need to consult a doctor and discussing this with a doctor is not necessary, neither will you have to spend dollars to come out of this.

Actually it is not that hard; so make sure to talk to your spouse, a colleague, friends or family, and ask them the specific question that how are they able to cope up with emotions without eating like you are doing. Emotional eaters are not much different from the couch potato types; that lazy, secluded, sometimes having rigid and puritanical faiths. A more salubrious life helps you fight emotional eating troubles and be on your way to feeling better and weight loss tips. Breaking free from this habit is about finally trusting that something else exists besides your knowledge, and of course, pain, sorrow, hatred, suffering; and that there is a rhythm, an order, and a natural push for light in every single one of us.

Emotional Eating: The REAL Reasons We Overeat or Binge Eat

“Getting to the underlying reasons why we overeat. Book quote from Overcoming Overeating by Jane R. Hirschmann & Carol H. Munter “When you cut something out of your diet, you’re more likely to overeat it when you do encounter it,” says Janet Polivy, Ph.D.”

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