Do Low Carb Diets Work Well?

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12 Jan 2011

We are going to cover what a low carb diet is and what it isn’t. There are many positives to low carb diets and we discuss some of these in detail and the performance advantages over a traditional low fat diet and how these will help you adhere to your new plan in the long term

Ok so what exactly is a low carb diet and why has there been such a fuss about them over the past 10 years or so. The root cause of the obesity problems of many industrialized countries lies at the hands of over consumption of carbohydrates. High Carbohydrate foods include most grains like wheat and the products we make for m wheat like bread, pastries and pastas, also in the list include confectionary and soft drinks. In the western world governmental health policy has been directed towards a low fat model which in return has led to an over consumption of high energy carbs which has resulted in increasing levels of obesity. Excess carbohydrate in the body gets converted into sugars which get into the blood stream, our bodies are sensitive to sugar and we end up removing that sugar with it being stored as fat.

What are the benefits of choosing a high protein low carb diet over other diets and why should you consider starting a low carb diet. There are huge benefits to governments in identifying the most effective fat loss diets and often the one that has come out on top is the low carb diet. One advantage of a low carb diet is that it promotes consumption of higher levels of protein which keeps you fuller for longer which helps reduce calorie intake and also requires more energy for your body to process it. Low cat calorie restricted diets often cause a loss of muscle instead of unwanted fat tissue, this in turn makes continued fat loss more difficult. Loss of muscle mass is a considerable problem as muscle requires a lot of energy to keep it functioning optimally, it’s like having your heating on it uses a lot of fuel. Having your muscle mass decrease causes a slow down in your metabolic rate to stall.

Criteria for an optimum low carb diet As with anything there are varying extremes some diets promote just eating 10-20g of carbohydrate a day while some go up to about 50g of carbohydrate a day. The lower the carbohydrate content we often find lower levels of adherence over time as people often feel they are unhealthy as you are restricted on the amount of fruit and vegetables you can consume. An important part of selecting a new weight loss regime is how easy is it going to stick to in the longer term, if it is too restrictive or appears to faddy then ultimately it’s not going to work over a period of time. A low carb diet that focuses on a high vegetable content will likely increase your ability to stick with it as well as being healthier because of the increased levels of veggies.

Low carb eating plans have been proven to be safe and effective methods for losing weight and if you select the right plan you’ll be able to stick to it for life. It’s time to get started and change your eating habits for life. It’s surprising how easy a low carb diet is to follow and get excellent results.

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