Healthy Foods to Consume to Lose Weight and Feel Great

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6 Jan 2011

You wouldn’t go out shopping without cash in your pocket, and so you wouldn’t try and work your body out at the gymnasium when you have been dieting too much ; the gym is a place you have got to go completely pumped up with the energy you need to work out. The less energized you’re feeling when you step on that treadmill, the slower you’ll be running, and the earlier you may stop. That isn’t how you are meant to do it – it’s all meant to be about wild levels of energy so that you can burn all those calories. That’s right, you need calories to be well placed to burn energy. Providing you a healthy mix of the same are nutritive products by Herbalife. Promoted thru independent Herbalife distributors. The products have the right type of nourishment the body desires before a good workout. For more information about Herbalife click here: Herbalife (HealthyLifenow is a independent Herbalife distributor site)

So what have you’ve got to do so as to ensure you are prepared with the best high octane fuel for an exercise session? A nice healthy treat about one or two hours before your workout starts, should set you nicely up. Now what would you choose? In actual fact you need something that gives you strength, and satisfaction ; and you don’t truly want to put on weight with these. Here are ideas for foods to eat to lose weight by and power up too at the gymnasium.

Our first break concept has a little sweet and sour, all packed into a great fruity tiny salad.

I call it the pineapple surprise. To make it, grab a half cup of lean cottage cheese ; throw it in the Magimix with roughly one / 4 pound of pineapple pieces drained of syrup, and there you’ve got a very unlikely to resist rich and creamy delicious break. Carrots happen to be one of the most nourishment packed health healers you ever heard about. It’s a great thing that carrots go well in all kinds of recipes too ; for our next concept, grab a package of carrot cake muffins stuffed with cream cheese ; toast a pair nicely on a pan, and have them go with a side of vanilla yogurt. Here’s one that should just make the concept of exercise appear a lot more tantalizing – grab 6 commercial quality multi grain crackers, place a low fat piece of cheddar on each, and nuke it in the microwave. You may gain about two hundred calories and about 10 g of fat, but it is generally healthy, and you do need the fuel. These are good foods to eat to shed some pounds by, if you don’t go ott with them.

okay, here is one that could well put you in the same league as Elvis when it comes to inventing sinfully delightful nibbles – chocolate dipped bananas and strawberries. All you need is to melt 1 or 2 half-sweet chocolate chips in the microwave, cut up a banana and 1 or 2 strawberries, and go dip. The calories could worry you a touch weighing in at 230 as they do, but you don’t have to – if you ensure that you don’t give yourself this outside of exercise programme, you are good to go.

If you seem to feel that while these can be delicious choices for foods to eat to shed the pounds by, they do needa little too much effort ( minimum as it could be ), how about a great dried fruit and nut mix to energise you? Raisins can be pleasant and sweet, and your mildly salted toasted cashews can get you on a natural high.

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