Natural remedies for anxiety – what are they?

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17 Dec 2010

Anxiety is the part of everyone’s daily life. There is an equal probability of some serious disease associated with the prevalent anxiety. Anxiety disorder comes under some psychiatric condition that could be cured with the help of proper medical treatment.

There are some obvious changes in eating pattern due to anxiety and noticeably physical symptoms too. Nuisance, sleeplessness, exhaustion, muscle strain, chest stiffness, mouth dehydration, jaw pain, dyspepsia, unnecessary sweating and bloating are all kinds of physical symptoms. By this article, you get to know about few remedies for anxiety, but you could also see the doctor to ensure the severity of your anxiety.

Since years one of the known natural remedy for anxiety is a herb, called Passion flower. According to the research, the Passion flower is thought to be similar to benzodiazepine, and thus has the profound drug effects. The passion flower is also known to impact the efficiency of the job and enhance performance.

There are still some offshoots of these flowers like vomiting, tiredness, sickness and swift heartbeat. You should not take them together with the tranquilizers as well as you should not use them without any recommendation of a doctor. Extraordinary care should be taken by pregnant women in order to use this remedy.

Various types of body techniques fall in the natural remedies for anxiety. They include massage therapy, shiatsu etc. They are commonly used to cure the state of anxiety. It diminishes tension, improve sleep time and reduces stress. There are certain mind and body techniques that are wonderful ways to cope with anxiety.

In mind and body techniques you uses some relaxation techniques. Yoga, physical exercise, breathing exercises, self hypnosis, tai chi, meditation and biofeedback are among various such techniques. You can try different techniques of mind and body relaxation unless you can find a suitable one for yourself.

Aromatherapy is an additional natural way to release anxiety. This therapy involves the usage of essential oils of plants for bathing, kneading or as infusers. Jasmine, lavender, neroli, bergamot, geranium, sandalwood, cypress, rose, melissa and ylang-ylang are the most acceptable and useful oils. But, the most accepted and likable is lavender oil.

Even today market is full of many natural ways of treating anxiety disorder, but people might be reluctant to test any one of them. Anxiety disorder many get worse with the application of some wrong treatment, thus it is always better to remain cautious about the medication. Thus always see what is good for you, it is always better to avoid all risky and dangerous methods and get the least or no harmful aromatherapy and exercise.

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