Is There Medication For Healing Dyshidrotic Eczema?

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15 Dec 2010

Among the most difficult forms of eczema to deal with is dyshidrotic eczema. In addition to being challenging to treat, there is often a strong possibility that the ailment will re-emerge at a later date even if you do get it in hand. So it is vital that you make use of effective treatments to get a grip on the situation. Commonly, though, it involves some experimenting before you hit upon an effective dyshidrotic eczema treatment method that’s truly of use.

The most typical medication for dyshidrotic eczema comprises steroidal ointments and creams that contain cortisone. Of these medications, the most effective is the ointment, since it will safeguard the skin better and is inclined to stay in place without rubbing off right away.

Another typically administered treatment choice for this problem is in fact a product that’s more typically related to allergic reactions. Antihistamines are commonly recommended by physicians to lessen the itchiness that practically always is a companion of this extremely annoying disorder. As soon as the itchiness is under control, you won’t be so inclined to scratch at the blisters, which will help avoid any infection from setting in. In addition to that you’ll be a great deal more comfortable when you are not itching intensely. If you constantly rub your skin when you are afflicted with an attack of dyshidrotic eczema, it will get thick and inflamed. This means that it will be that much more difficult to care for the ailment.

The most troublesome facet of this situation is that there isn’t really a total remedy for it. A lot of people try natural therapies to help cope with the condition, not unlike what they might try for other varieties of eczema, however they are not always as useful as expected. Nevertheless there are a good number of individuals who experience relief through using tea tree oil and oregano oil on the affected area.

A different natural treatment approach that some people swear by is applying hydrogen peroxide on the region where the outbreak is occurring. Moisten a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide, gently apply it on the eruption, and then carefully dry it. Afterward rub some zinc oxide ointment on the skin. This process will cause a scab to form. When the crust has emerged, you have to remove it by filing it off gently. Then, moisturize your skin with vegetable oil.

Additionally, you’ll need to make various changes in your day to day routines, for example in food handling, how you keep your house clean, and even hand washing. You need to change your lifestyle a little not just to manage an existing case of dyshidrotic eczema, but to help prevent it from reappearing someday also.

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