Are Some Sunless Tanning Products Actually Dangerous?

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11 Dec 2010

Sunless tanning products are nothing like they used to be, indeed, many improvements have occurred in the last decade or more. That presents very nice opportunities for a lot of people what with all the concerns about salons and UV exposure plus laying out and tanning all day. People are different in how their skins reacts to tanning and self tanning products, and that means a percentage of people may have to try several brands before finding one they like. You’ll need to wear a self tanning product that looks the best on you, and that’s what this article is all about.

Perhaps you have seen, here and there, certain print ads for self tanning by taking pills. Oh, imagine the millions of people that kind of simplicity would appeal to. There are very real and potentially serious risks associated with tanning pills. Do you want to color your skin using the same technique, and chemical -canthaxanthin, to color foods? You will need to have a considerable quantity of canthaxanthin inside you to achieve the “tan” effect. We feel very strongly that no one should take these tanning pills, but rather self tanning, externally applied lotions and creams are safe and do work.

Before choosing a self tanning product, think about how much you desire your face to be tanned and to what degree. If your face is sensitive to chemicals, then that is something you’ll have to be careful about depending on the particular self tanning brand used. Always be very careful around your eyes, of course, and with heavy application near your eyes the fumes, they are chemicals, may cause slight irritation. If you test a product, and it has a strong aroma to it, then be aware that you’ll likely experience some skin irritation on your face; of course this is a general statement, but we feel it’s an accurate one. There is also a correlation between non-comedogenic sunless skin tanning brands and degree of irritation to the facial skin.

There are a lot of variations, and that includes a kind of product that really isn’t self tanning; however it’s often classified as one. Skin bronzers really are more of a make-up than a self tanning product, but they do give you the “instant” look. You may like the tan that these provide, but just remember that they’re extremely temporary. You cannot get a bronzer tan wet unless you want to lose it; however the genuine self sunless tanners take a little time and will not wash off – they are temporary but last longer than bronzers.

There is a sunless self tanning brand that will work great on your skin, and you’ll be happy with it. By all means do more research, but all that reading will not guarantee anything for you unless you begin experimenting for yourself to see the exact results from one particular brand. Just remember that although reading information is important, nothing can replace actual testing.

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