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5 Dec 2010

Eye creams are important if you want to have an overall younger looking appearance. A lot of people think that using wrinkle creams are enough to make you look a few years younger. But with dark and puffy eyes, you will still look old even without any wrinkles on your face.

Many factors can contribute to the formation of problems around the eyes. Stress and lack of sleep can impair the repair system of the body which can contribute to having congested blood vessels and puffy eyes. As we grow older the skin under the eyes also become thinner making it more prone to alterations. Lastly, you can also inherit this characteristic from your parents.

One way to get rid of such problems around the eyes is by using creams such as the Eye Wonder Triple Action Eye Cream. This product claims to be able to get rid of common eye problems such as puffiness and dark lines, as well as wrinkles that form around the eyes.

Dermican is one ingredient which the Eye Wonder cream claims to be able to solve dark lines under the eyes. It does this by increasing the thickness of your skin which makes problems less visible. Euro Bt that is derived from olive oil also helps prevent dark lines from forming by preventing the production of melanin.

Other ingredients included in the Eye Wonder cream are Eyeliss and Haloxyl, which can decrease puffiness under the eyes caused by accumulation of fluids, as well as also supplementing the lightening effect of the previously mentioned ingredients. Lastly, it also has Matrixyl 3000 which can help eliminate and prevent wrinkles from forming around the eyes.

If you look closely at the ingredients of the Eye Wonder cream, most of ingredients are uncommon except for Matrixyl 3000. Not much is said about the effects of its other ingredients so you cannot be sure as to how effective this cream may be. The only sure thing about it is that it can get rid of wrinkles such as crow?s feet.

If you look at its customer testimonials, it will also not give you a conclusive judgment about the cream. Some people would say that this product worked for them and gave great results. Others on the other hand, were not satisfied with the results that they got and would rather look for another eye cream to use.

The Eye Wonder Triple Action Eye Cream may be effective for getting rid of wrinkles around the eyes but that may be it. as for problems such as puffiness and dark lines, you may have to find a different cream that has more proven ingredients so that you don?t end up wasting your money on this product.

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