What Exactly Is Manifesting?

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3 Dec 2010

Do you realize that life is what you make it, that your life is just what you want it to be? In one form or another, we have all heard this before. Whether we hear it from someone who cares about us and tries to encourage us and even while listening to Jiminy Cricket sing When You Wish upon a Star.

The point is that at some point in our life we have each had someone tell us that we are the masters of our own destiny that we can make our life be whatever we wanted. The power to manifest abundance is within you and only you can manifest abundance in your life.

The reason our life is the way it is, is because we made it so. We need to face this fact of reality. All those mounting bills, the jobs that go nowhere and all our unhappy relationship are things we created all by ourselves.

You have created the life you life and you need to realize this is true. You need to understand that you have the power to make the changes in your life. You can start right now to manifest an abundant life. You need to change the way you think to make it better.

The most powerful things you have are your thoughts. You create the life you want by the way you think and how you think. All those worrying thoughts of how to pay the bills only creates more bills. When you spend time worrying about money, you only create more money problems for yourself. If you only focus on the bad things in your relationship, you only create more problems within the relationship.

You need to think about all the positive things in your life, since this is the key to manifesting abundance. Focus on the good things you already have. For instance, you woke this morning breathing on your own; you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back and something to eat. Take the time to realize that you are fortunate right now and be grateful for those things. When you are thankful for all those good things, you can more clearly focus on manifesting even more good things into your life.

It is you who creates your life by what you think and say; therefore, you should never try to blame others. If you want to be happy, successful and wealthy, you need to focus the things you think and say that will create happiness, success and wealth.

You should try these experiments; they will show you that by changing the way you think you can change your life. Do not worry about the need for money, or even how you will pay the bills. Start doing this right this moment. Rather, you should think about how much money you do have and that you have the money to pay for anything you have in your life.

Think about and believe that you have all the money you require, while paying close and conscious attention to your thoughts. This will help them not to slip away from you and make room for your old ways of thinking. Think and believe that you have everything you want in your life at this moment when you want to manifest abundance in your life.

Like attracts like, which means if you are focusing on the good it is going to bring more good in your life. You can improve your life, you can have the life you want you and only you can manifest abundance in your life.

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