The Most Common Contact Lenses Brands

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25 Nov 2010

Those with vision issues and have to wear corrective lenses are definitely more prone to wear contact lenses today. Basically, they provide a much more comfortable and convenient appeal to being able to see without having to fuss with glasses all day and detracting from the face of any person needing them. Thus, there should be a basic and thorough understanding the most popular contact lenses brands in order to make the right decision of which ones to purchase.

One of the more popular brands known of today is actually Acuvue. This is a brand that is famous for being heavily advertised and offers an incredibly diverse range of lenses for any given person. Thus, they truly do generate a great deal of business for themselves each and every day.

For those that really do not like throwing lenses away after daily use, Biomedics is probably the best brand for them. This brand of lens is popularly known for providing 7 to 14 day lenses that could last even longer with a lighter wear person. These are very soft lenses that are very comfortable and durable for any lens wearer out there.

Another one of the more popular contact lenses brands is Focus. This brand is also very heavily advertised and offers a wide reaching display and range of lenses for just about any eye solution that is needed from anyone. In fact, they offer eye solutions for just about any type of vision issues there could be.

One common myth of contact lenses is that those with specialty vision issues are not able to wear them and must stick with glasses at all times. Fortunately, the Frequency brand has taken this thought away and offered up an incredible and wide reaching brand base that are designed for any type of vision issue. There are multifocal and aspheric lenses that are also meant to be worn long term.

The ailment of astigmatism is a big deal of lens wearers. Thus, most people that suffer from this choose O2 Optix as they are known to focus on astigmatism and the comfort issues these lenses are often known for. There are a wide range of comfortable and lightweight lenses for any degree of severity of astigmatism issues.

Another very popular and long lasting lens solution is ProClear. These are known to be incredibly comfortable and provide regular and toric lenses for those that need them. They are known to last for quite some time before having the throw them away.

Pure Vision is another popular brand that focuses on the treatment of the eyes as well as an incredible amount of comfort being offered from the lenses. Basically, there are regular and multifocal lenses available that all provide an incredible amount of comfort overall. Thus, these should be very heavily considered for wear.

Fortunately, there truly is a wide array of contacts online. The ones selected are truly as varied as those with vision issues. Thus, select the best one that is right for your budget and specific vision issue.

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