Giving A Friend A Good Reason To Perform Exercise

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21 Nov 2010

We rarely see someone who goes inside a gym and smile. People tend to be grouchy and full of excuses for going to the gym or why they need to exercise. They will make every excuse they can so that they will not be doing any exercises. So, here are some tips for you to help them back to doing exercises.

Find someone who has the same goals as you have. You can look for a workout buddy or even your friend who vowed to stick with you the entire time. This will help you concentrate on your goals.

Have a list of goals from the start to finish. Your goals must be grounded to reality meaning they need to be achievable. You can start by having goals of losing 10 lbs within a time frame. When you reach such goal inside the time frame, reward yourself for doing such a good job.

Take pictures of yourself when you are working out. Then you compare them with your other pictures that you taken a month ago alongside with other pictures in the future. Compare each picture and see the difference. Pictures with satisfying result will motivate you to do more.

You can look for pictures in magazines for some people with whom you want to have a body like. Cut out those pictures and hang it over the refrigerator or the bathroom mirror. Now, try to imagine yourself having that type of body as you head down the beach while you are inside the gym about to give up. This will help you inspire and achieve your goals.

Plan ahead. Map out all your workout activities a week before you actually do them. This will help you do it rather than just pass it out. You are more likely to them if you make your own plan. So, try scheduling your activities for the next week to help you accommodate all your necessary workout activities.

A personal trainer will be a good source of motivation. They are hired to help you through difficult times when you are doubting yourself and your goals. Most of the time, half of their services is to help you build physically and other half is to help you build emotionally when it comes to facing difficulties during workout.

Use these tips to help you further your goal. By the time you reach your goals, set out another one up until you will not need these tips anymore. As it already shows that you have the perfect body you want, that is enough for a motivation.

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