Secrets Of Telepathic Humans

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1 Nov 2010

When we say an individual is ‘telepathic’ what is it that we really mean by this? The idea is usually considered science fiction or mysticism and is just dismissed by most people. But think of what science has made possible. Everyday we live with cell phones, computers and use of invisible radio and micro waves which retrieve the information we need. Hundreds of jets (controlled by computers) take off and land everyday world wide.

Magic and advanced technology, it is said, are indistinguishable from each other. But the use of technology and science have been used to learn things about the world around us. And we’ve accomplished what was once thought of as being impossible, a few centuries ago. Think of space flights and the first man walking on the moon. There is also the exploration of the deepest parts of the ocean which was only possible using recent technology. Energy can now be created from natural sources, water, wind and the sun. And don’t forget the cell phone, which gives us the ability to speak with anyone, worldwide.

Is it that much of a stretch to consider the possibility that someone really could be Telepathic, but that they simply operate under scientific principles we don’t yet understand?

Investigation, by scientists, of people who are telepathic, is called parapsychology or paraphysics. Even those who investigate this use scientific methods and experiments to get answers to questions on telepathy regardless of what the answer may be or whether its the answer they are looking for.

Individuals who are Telepathic and subjects of experiments have however produced less than desired results for telepathy to be proven scientifically. The results of tests must be consistent, repeatable and measurable. Results can’t always be duplicated because they are inconsistent. Some would say that this proves that individuals aren’t Telepathic, but to others it proves we have a lot to learn to understand and need more developed procedures for testing for telepathy.

How can a person be Telepathic? Without the use of other senses, telepaths use their minds and how can they do this? This is not understood completely and is one that doesn’t use the sense of taste, smell, hearing and touch. Nevertheless it does exists. This can already be done artificially. Radio waves are invisible and you can’t see, smell or touch them, but they are real.

Many scientists are now investigating the concept of ‘thought waves’? These are possibly electrical or magnetic fields generated by the brain and these have been scientifically proven to exist. Explaining this in terms for the average person might be a little difficult, but stay with us.

Scientifically, human thought is just a biochemical process of neurons being transferred between different synapses in the brain. However, this transfer of neurons creates an electrical current. Tiny, sure, but measurable. This electrical current also generates a tiny magnetic field. Keep in mind the brain has tens of thousands of synapses firing at any one time.

Is it possible for these bio-electric and bio-magnetic fields to be used by humans to communicate? Are these waves just meaningless static or do they have content equivalent of the brain? Can these brain waves be controlled by mental training? Can the techniques of meditation be used to shape brain waves into communications of significance?

Another problem is the weakness of the electrical or magnetic field. It can easily be drowned out by the electrical and magnetic fields of everyday technology i.e stereos, televisions, computers, even microwaves and refrigerators all send out much larger electrical and magnetic fields.

There are, however, problems with the electrical and magnetic fields. Unfortunately these fields can be overpowered by everyday technology. For example the microwave, television, refrigerator. These everyday items produce much larger magnetic fields and electrical fields. Is it possible to reach the brains magnetic and electrical fields during an emotionally heightened state, fear, pain or shock? During these emotionally charged times, in the brain, a spiking of bio-magnetic and bio-electric activity is created by neuron synapses firing.

Parapsychology researchers documented brief periods of Telepathic communication. Instances such as a parent (usually a mother) when her child has been hurt when miles from each other. Is there a connection between the spiking of such brain activity and communication telepathically? Do two individuals, related to each other, play a part in telepathy? Or coincidence?

Unfortunately, there is not enough scientific evidence at the moment to prove that telepathy is a fact beyond doubt, as far as mainstream science is concerned. However this is gradually changing as more and more studies are showing that telepathic communication really does exist and with the right training, all humans can learn to become telepathic.

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